{Young Women} Chapstick Handout

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This past Sunday I had the opportunity to teach the Young Women. I chose the lesson, “How My Words Affect Me & Those Around Me”, from the ‘Come Follow Me’ curriculum. As I was preparing my lesson I remembered THIS great handout that I saw on Marci Coombs‘ blog.
I decided to change the last line of the poem so that it fit the topic a little better. The original says ‘and remember to pray every day’ {something close to that}.  Since my chapsticks weren’t individually packaged I created my handout with a space at the bottom, so that I could attach the tube of chapstick.

 But if you decide to use this handout and don’t need the space on the bottom, no worries! I also created a tag without the space at the bottom. Just punch a hole at the top of the handout and attach it to the chapstick with a cute ribbon.
The girls really liked the chapstick & I hope when they use it they can remember the lesson and try to be careful of the words that they use.
If you would like to use this Chapstick poem handout then click the links below.
Click Here to print my Chapstick Handout (with the space).
Click Here to print my other Chapstick Handout.
I also used some of THESE great handouts from Courtney Aitken.
I hope you enjoy my Chapstick Handouts. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!sheena

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