You Did It

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This sign greeted my students this morning as they entered the building. It is important to recognize the benefits of Seminary and the amazing accomplishment it is that they attend Seminary every morning. Our Seminary students are making choices that are completely different than the peers they associate with when they walk the halls of their schools.
Many youth don’t have “cheerleaders” in their lives and we need to be part of their “cheering squad”. For some, Seminary is the only “bright spot” in their day.
I am thankful for their positive choices and the energy they bring to class.
I told my students this morning:  if you can attend one week of Seminary, you can attend two, and three, and so forth. You can do hard things…you are doing hard things…you are amazing.
I have had 32-34 students every morning this week.
It was definitely a logistics challenge.
I was expecting 17-20.
What a blessing to have so many students eager to learn and feel the spirit.
The down side is that my class will be divided this week and I can’t imagine not have a single one of them.
Growth is good, yet painful.

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