Who pays for copies of the Learning Assessment?

By Sharon Lanier Rogerson Sharon Lanier Rogerson:
This is another learning assessment question. The assessment packet is around 12 pages long. 11 if you don’t copy the front page which they won’t need for anything. For me with 10 students, that 110 to 120 pages. I won’t be printing that many at home. I wanted to know did you just use the copier at the church or did you go to an office store and plan to put it in for reimbursement?
(21 hours ago)

Debbie Lindsey: we were advised to use copier at church or be reimbursed if we copy at a store (21 hours ago) 1

Sylvia Lee Kunz: our library public lets us copy 80 sheets a week free check and see if you can copy free there and just use to weeks to get them copied (21 hours ago)

Sharon Lanier Rogerson: Sylvia, you have a generous public library where you live. No so here. (21 hours ago) 1

Dorianne Quinton Varty: Our supervisor is giving us all the packets -you should talk to yours about this, they might be doing it too. (21 hours ago) 1

Jenny Harvey: Our supervisor is providing them as well. (21 hours ago)

Geri Lowry: Church (21 hours ago)

Sharon Prescott Haynie: I copied them in our building’s library. (21 hours ago)

Lynn Durkee: Stake supervisor supplied them. (21 hours ago) 1

Marjean Jones Livingston: Our sup provided Read More

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