Who Am I-General Conference Review

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The week after General Conference, I used this as a review.As my students entered the classroom, I placed a name tag on their backs.Each student had the name of a current apostle or member of the first presidency.**I have more than 15 students, so see below for adaptation ideas.Asking questions that could only be answered with a yes or a no, they had to guess the name of who was on their back.
Once they thought they knew, they had to choose his photo from a pile I had up front and match it to a sheet listing interesting facts about the person.
When we went around the room to check if everyone was correct, I had the students name the main subject of the person’s recent General Conference message. They were allowed to use their own notes for the answers. I had warned them in advance that their notes would come in handy during class that week and to bring them for using in discussion. This was such an effective activity.

We had fun learning some little-known facts about the Apostles and First Presidency and the students got to test their knowledge of the recent General Conference messages. I must say…they ROCKED it at every stage. I continue to be awed by their understanding of the scriptures and the focus they had on the recent General Conference. They refer to many of the messages each day in our regular lessons.

**Because I have more than 15 students, I gave name tags out for a few more of the recent speakers from General Conference but told those students they did not have an apostle or member of the first presidency. I gave them a key word or phrase from that speakers’ message. Ex: Virtue= Sister Elaine Dalton.

**For a large class, this adaptation could be used for all of the General Conference speakers. Place all the speakers’ names on the students backs Give a key word or theme and have them guess the name of the person on their back.

**For a smaller group, adapt this by session. Have the names of the Saturday morning session speakers posted on the students backs and have them guess who they are based on a key work clue, etc.

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