Which Assessment do I give?

By Kathleen Hemphill Kathleen Hemphill:
Wow now I am so confused…. So we are to give THE LEARNING ASSESSMENT and NOT THE BASIC DOCTRINE is that right? Heavens sake I couldnt even find the Learning Assessment test without going to the video they put out …
2(9 hours ago)

Jenny Smith: Yes, you’re doing the Learning Assessment (not the basic doctrines assessment or the learning environment assessment).

Please do tell Salt Lake and your SI coordinator you’re having trouble! Use the green Feedback flag on he bottom right of SI.lds.org (you’ll be able to see it after you login). (9 hours ago) 1

Sharon Prescott Haynie: Just to add to the confusion-there is also a Learning Environment Assessment. Don’t do that one! (8 hours ago) 2

Tiffany Whitney: I had a really hard time finding it as well! (8 hours ago) 2

Cheryl Olson Knutti: Talk to your supervisor-STAT! (8 hours ago)

Clestelle Green: If on the SI.LDS main page you click on “Prepare Lessons”, then in the drop-down box, select “Learning Assessments” below Assessments and Reports, both assessments are listed. There are two versions of both semester’s tests. (8 hours ago)

Lisa Garcia Yates: Our supervisor has gone over them with us and will be printing them out for us. Sounds like I woulda been lost without her! (7 hours ago) 2

L Katherine Sherman Chaney: Basic Doctrine is given at the sort of the yeR so you know what your students know and don’t know.mmour CRS person has Read More

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