When using chocolate milk to demonstrate the law of consecration…

By Wendi Gunn Wendi Gunn:
Note to self… when using chocolate milk to demonstrate the law of consecration, do the object lesson at the end of class, not the beginning. Chalking it up to rookie mistake..haha! But I am fairly certain they now understand how consecration works so while it was a wild ride, I think it was successful!
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Tracy-Lee Carmichael: Can you explain? (2 hours ago)

Wendi Gunn: I did the object lesson recommended in the lesson on #dandc42 about consecration…but I used chocolate milk instead of colored water and gave them their choice if they wanted to live the law or keep their glass of milk. Everyone poured the milk back into the picture which meant there was enough for the whole class to have some and there was some left over so my son who is not in my class could have some! (2 hours ago) 5

Kalleen Tracy Halvorsen: I would like to learn more about this, too! We’ll be finishing up this lesson tomorrow and it would be perfect, it sounds like. (2 hours ago) 1

Wendi Gunn: Then we talked about how consecration is different than tithing and used the comparison that someone posted here comparing consecration to welfare and communism and the characteristics that each system develops in the people. I ended by pointing out that communism and welfare are inspired by man and consecration was revelation inspired by Christ. The differences were so obvious as our discussion developed. Then i ended by showing the video in the lesson on the church welfare program and shared my experience volunteering at the bishops Read More

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