When Students Sleep in Class

By Connie Francis Low

I need suggestions of what helped in your classroom when you have students that just put their heads down and sleep all the time. I have two that won’t get up for games, or other activities, won’t read or participate or write on assignments, and even put their heads down during movies.
Pull them aside and express your concern and ask what’s going on. You need to determine if the kids are tired or just hardheaded before formulating plans.
I felt the same this morning as I prayed. I feel like one of the girls needs a home visit. But I am open to other ideas that other seminary teachers have had success with.
Just what Jenny said. I have students with various disabilities and too much is TOO much for them…they are there. I invite and invite…and remember to not be offended.
I have one who reads D&C during class. Not our lessons and has begun to refuse to read when asked cause he doesn’t want to interrupt his reading schedule.
Tap them on the shoulder and ask them if they are feeling ok?, “long night, huh?”, etc. This gets there attention but also let’s them know you are aware of their behavior, but that you are concerned about them. These kids have so much on their plate , but some are just stubborn or don’t care. Compliment them when they do participate. Be happy that they are there and in your class. We can’t force them to participate, but they may still be learning just being there. We always need to consider that each youth comes from a unique family that are taught differently in their homes and how they are taught often reflects how the participate/act in our classroom.
take the tables away
Do the students get credit for attending when they don’t participate? I would discuss this with your supervisor or bishop… Some of these students sound more than tired, and non-participation is the curse we early morning seminary teachers bear… My kids were graded in seminary with release time and I wish we had the power of a grade behind us sometimes.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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