What is a passing grade on the Learning Assessment?

By Freth Stifter Freth Stifter:
I’m confused — What constitutes “passing” the Assessment? Is it 100% correct? Or 70% or 75%?
(3 hours ago)

Beth Jervis Perazzo: We got an email yesterday saying they need 27 correct out of 36 to pass. (3 hours ago) 1

Freth Stifter: ok. I haven’t received anything like that yet … (3 hours ago)

Tracy Hintze Price: 75% passing is what I have been told. (3 hours ago) 1

Freth Stifter: 27 / 36 = 75% (3 hours ago) 2

Jennifer Webster Stephens Ellsworth: Is the assessment the one on si.LDS.org, off of the assessment menu? Dumb question, but isn’t that the same one from last year? I thought it was going to be new? (3 hours ago)

Josh Donat: It’s a new assessment – very different from last year’s. The questions about testimony and application of gospel principles are the same….

All are correct about 75 percent being the passing score. (3 hours ago)

Joan Layton Merrell: Freth Stifter it’s a D&C assessment, not “basic doctrines” like previously, and your stake person should help you. (3 hours ago) 1

Anyolina Olivas Wiser: Yeah, I’ve surprised that a lot of seminary teachers are not getting help from their CES person. I got my tests in the mail the other day from him. (3 hours ago) 4

Tiffany Eudaily: 75% and they can take it as many times as needed to pass it. Read More

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