What Does It Mean To Take Upon Myself The Name Of Jesus Christ? Young Women’S Lesson, July: Ordinances And Covenants

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Here is the handout I made for this lesson, I added in some things NOT in the lesson outline.  But the thought of “His image in your countenance” kept coming to me as I thought about the meaning of taking his name upon us.  Then I found the talk by Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the April 2011 Gen. Conf, where he talks about the difference between “to do” and “to be”. 

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I plan to play the Janice Kapp Perry Song, “His Image In Your Countenance” during the lesson as well. 

the rest of the lesson will follow the outline, using Mosiah 5, watching the clip by President Monson (Standing alone) and talking about the importance of names.

UPDATE:  It was pointed out to me that I had put the wrong name for credit to this quote.  Thank you to my reader who brought this to my attention.  I have fixed it.  It is now correct!  (7/25/14)  I apologize to those who have used this with the wrong name, not quite sure how I got that wrong…chalk it up to human error.

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