“what Are The Keys To The Priesthood?” Lesson Help

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So, I loove this toy.  My kids love it too.  It keeps my kids entertained.  You put animals on the top and shapes in the door.  You use your “zoo key” to get them out.  
So, when I was reading the outline for the lesson on Priesthood keys, I knew using this as an object lesson was a must.  Inside each door I put a different person that is given keys (actually it was the 6 in the bottom row in the pic with the yellow cards)  So, six girls came up and opened a door with a key.  Pulled out the card and we taped it to the chalkboard. 

Then, I asked the girls who was missing in these six.  They knew one was the prophet.  I said, “Well, where is his key?”  They were also by this time DYING to know what the white key went to (see below pic).  I explained that the white key is the “Master Key”.  Funny enough that the word Master is used to describe the key that opens up to all the keys the other 6 have.  I explained how our Master, Jesus Christ, has the Master Key.  But, he has given that key to the Prophet and the Apostles.  However, the Prophet is the only one authorized to exercise all the keys.  The girls were so curious with this lesson.  They wanted to know who gives the keys to the prophet.  How they never leave the earth.  What the keys are. Etc…

There is a great clip by L. Tom Perry about Priesthood Keys.  I shared that video in my lesson.

Then, we played a Jeopardy type game with these as the categories.  I got my questions from here.

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