“what Are The Duties Of Priesthood Holders?” Lesson Help

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Here is an outline of what I did for the lesson that goes with
“What are the duties of priesthood holders?” Lesson.from “Come, Follow Me”

  1. Have the girls name all the Priesthood duties they see performed at church and in life in general.  You can make a web of their responses on the chalkboard.
    Girls can copy it into their INBs
    2. Then, using different colors to represent: deacon, teacher, priest, and Melchizedek Priesthood, have them circle the duty for a particular priesthood office.  For example, if a girl was given deacon she would circle all the duties listed that a deacon does.  I used sidewalk chalk so we would have a different color per office.  When doing this activity they noticed how “it’s like a ladder” -quote from one of my YW.  You build upon it.  A Priest can do what a teacher and deacon does.  A teacher can do what a deacon can….etc.  So, they noticed that the things that a deacon does can be also done by all the other offices.
    Girls can use colored pencils, markers, highlighters, crayons, etc…to color code the different duties in their INBs.

     3.  Then, we applied what we learned.  I had post it notes with deacon, teacher, priest, and Melchizedek Priesthood holder written on them.  I put a post it note on their backs.  Then, they went around the room only asking Yes/No questions to try to figure out what priesthood office was on their back.  For example, let’s pretend you had “teacher” on your back. You asked “Can I pass the sacrament”, “yes”.  “Can I prepare the sacrament”, “yes”.  “Can I bless the sacrament”, “no”.  Then, you come to me and ask: “Am I a teacher?”, “yes”.  I had the girls ask others so they are practicing what they just learned.  Then, come to me to see what they were.  Of course, I had girls that just wanted to ask “am I a deacon”, “no”.  “am I a priest”, “no”.  etc…. Umm… yeah, you can’t do that. :)

    4.  Then, this was awesome.  I had all the girls that were “deacons” go to one spot of the room. All the “teachers” go to another, etc….Then, these were the groups for the next activity. :)  No picking your group- love it!  Then, I did this point from the lesson:

Divide the class into three groups. Assign each group one of the first three sets of scriptures suggested in this outline, and ask them to look for the duties of priesthood holders in those scriptures. Have each group find a picture in the Gospel Art Book that illustrates the priesthood duty they read about. Invite them to share with the class the picture, a scripture, and a personal experience in which they have observed priesthood holders fulfilling this duty. 

           Yes, If you did your math right I had 4 groups instead of 3 because I have 12 beehives!  Yes, 12! 
These were the scriptures suggested in the outline:
Matthew 3:1–628:19–20John 15:16 (Priesthood holders invite all to come unto Christ)Acts 3:1–8James 5:14–15 (Priesthood holders serve others)3 Nephi 11:21-2212:1–217:6–1818:1–12 (Christ gave an example of priesthood service)I just divided up the third one giving one group the ones from chapters 11 & 12.  And the other group the ones from 17 & 18.  This made one be about baptism and the other healing the sick and sacrament.
5.  So, each group got a set of the scripture.  They read them.  Then, each member of the group needed to do one of the following: One needed to find a picture in the Gospel Art Book that represented their set of scriptures.  One needed to find one scripture to share that summed it up well.  And another would share a personal experience.  { I put the above paper on the board so they would remember easier}
 I brought my gospel art kit that I tore out of the spiral binding and placed in page protectors.  That way it was easier for one of them to just take the picture they wanted out of the binder and use it.  I use this binder for FHE at home too.
6. Then, each group got up and shared.  We ran out of time because opening exercises went long.  So the groups will finish presenting next week. :)  The way our ward does it is I teach for a month, the other advisor teaches for a month. etc…  That way we focus on one topic for the whole month and can roll over activities/lessons if we want.

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