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By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) I love when teachers share their classroom. I copied this wonderful timeline from a fellow teacher, Linette Tearlink. Her time line is soooo much better. She is a wonderful artist.

Since I can not draw, I printed off coloring pages I found online.
it starts out with the Primitive Church/12 Apostles…

Ending with a hastening of the work…the sneaker
to small temples announced
to the lower of the age for missionaries.
We have been told to display pictures of the modern day prophets

Our ward library is mission Ezra Taft Benson!! The librarian told me recently that she put in an order for a complete.set of prophet pictures. In the mean time, we sing the primary song: Latter-Day Prophets as we point to each one. I was amazed that only one had heard the song before, and that was my daughter.

Pinterest is a great resource. This idea is floating out there. It was originally used by school teachers and called “What stuck with you”
The idea being, at the end of class, the students write one thing they learned that day and put it on a post it note and apply it to the board.
Our theme this year is taken from Joseph Smith History 1:20
“I have learned for myself….”
At the end of class, I will have them write one thing they learned that day and put it on the picture frame. The next day, our class president will take them down and give them to each student. The students will put them in their class journals. At the end of the year, they can look back and see their testimonies have grown!

Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

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