Week 2: If I Live Worthily, The Holy Ghost Will Help Me Choose The Right.

Downloaded from: http://ohwhatdoyoudoforsingingtime.blogspot.com/2013/06/week-2-if-i-live-worthily-holy-ghost.html

Hop To It – This idea was originally seen here.  I did this a couple years ago and the children LOVED it.  You will need 6-8 plastic leaping frogs…I bought mine at the dollar store but I have also seen larger ones at JoAnn’s.  Number each frog.  Place a start line with tape on the floor. Begin by asking the children what gift we are given when we are baptized.  Ask the children what the Holy Ghost helps us do.  Call 2 children up at a time and have them each share a way that they can live worthily.  Next, have them each pick a frog and place them on the start line.  As you say, “On your mark, get set, GO” the children press down on their frogs to make them leap. Whatever frog leaps the farthest is the song that you sing.

Close by bearing your testimony of the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Explain to the children that if they live worthily, the Holy Ghost will help them make correct choices.

Other songs for practice this week could include: “The Holy Ghost” p. 105, “Listen, Listen” p. 107, “The Still Small Voice” p. 106.

Listen to the Still Small VoiceThe Friend magazine this month (June 2013) has a darling activity that teaches how the Holy Ghost helps us choose the right.  It can be found here.

Place the pictures in a bag and the words on the table.  Choose a child to select a picture from the bag and find the words that match the picture.  After a match is made, sing a song.

*This could also be done as classic memory.  Tape the pictures and the words to the chalkboard with the backs facing out, creating a memory game.  Have a child try to make a match.  When a match is made, sing a song.

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