We Have Had

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We have had quite the week here in Idaho.You may have heard on the news of the many wildfires all over Idaho.One of the fires is actually right where we live.The Beaver Creek fire is now the #1 priority wildfire in the Nation and that just happens to be the one where we live. The fire is growing rapidly which has made it hard for the crews to contain it.
We were evacuated yesterday. Luckily my Husband’s family has a condo in Twin Falls that we could go stay at. My Husband & Father-in-Law stayed in Hailey to pack up the rest of our belongings if needed.
I want to say Thank You to all the amazing fire crews risking their lives to keep us safe.I also want to Thank all the wonderful people that have opened up their homes or have helped those in need.
Because I am not at home and don’t have Internet t the moment, I will be unable to post a Sharing Time Idea this week. Sorry for any inconvenience. But be sure to take a look at my ideas I have shared in the past and see if there’s anything that you could use.I will be sure to keep you updated and post some pictures once I get Internet access.
Thankd for stopping ny & Have a great day!sheena

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