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The March Visiting Teaching message talks about reaching out to others, strengthening the weak, and forming meaningful friendships with the sisters we visit. I’ve put together a teaching aid that goes along with these sentiments, and is also a fun Easter craft. Using the tutorial here, I used a starch mixture to stiffen embroidery floss in the shape of an egg.

You will need liquid starch (less than $3 at Wal-mart in the laundry aisle) and flour to make the stiffening mixture, water balloons, embroidery floss, and chocolate.


The printable I’ve put together has a couple quotes from the Ensign printed inside an egg-shaped card, directions to make the string eggs, and some symbolic references to it:

  • The string represents us when we are “weak”.
  • The glue strengthens the string, like each of us being edified through loving friendship – as visiting teachers we can ask sisters to Relief Society meetings, encourage gospel discussion, and cultivate spiritually uplifting relationships.
  • The chocolate inside the egg represents the “better way”, or a faithful testimony of Christ.

I then wrapped up the eggs in clear cellophane and tied on the card with pretty ribbons. You can download my printable below:

English (also in English – but slightly larger sized card)





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