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By Joshua Pettus
Joshua Pettus:
I teach from my home, and for one of our flexible days, I used the Google Street View app on the Nintendo Wii U, called Wii Street U, to give them a tour of many of the early church history sites. We visited the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial, the Hill Cumorah, the Smith log cabin in Palmyra, the Grandin Building where the Book of Mormon was printed, the Kirtland Temple, the John Johnson Farm, the Nauvoo Temple, The SLC temple, and other places. We live on the US/Mexico border in Laredo, TX, so most of these youth may never have an opportunity to visit many of these sites. It was a neat experience to see them up close in 360 degrees. I told stories from Church History as we visited several sites. I did this in conjunction with the At The Ohio lesson, but could probably be incorporated at any time. Google Street View could also be used on an Android or Apple device, or a laptop. Check out how the Wii U version works in the video below:
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