Video: The Law of Consecration

By Sharon Prescott Haynie
Sharon Prescott Haynie:
Why am I so far ahead of this?
10(16 hours ago)

Facebook video:

The Law of Consecration

This is the first segment of our next half-hour episode.

Posted by History of the Saints on Monday, November 24, 2014

Linette Teerlink: This is wonderful! I’m passed D&C 38 and 42 as well. Might make a good review and introduction for D&C 51. (5 hours ago)

Joan Layton Merrell: Every week something comes along to make me wish our school didn’t start and end so early compared to many of you. (3 hours ago) 1

Jackie McDonald Josephson: I feel your pain, I am on section 65! There are so many great suggestions for lessions I wish I could go back and redo! (1 hour ago) 1

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