Video For A Child’s Prayer

Downloaded from:

These are Video Clips that I put Together to introduce A Child’s Prayer to my Primary:

*Can I say that I just lucked out finding the Choir singing A Child’s Prayer? I just happened to click on the entire Music and the Spoken Word that had it in it. And when I opened the video I just happened to move the curser right in the middle of the song. Happenstance and luck.

*A Child’s Prayer sung by the Choir has the extra intro written by Janice Kapp Perry.

1) Mormon tabernacle Choir singing A Child’s Prayer (with extra intro by Janice Kapp Perry).
2) Thomas S Monson talking about prayer.
3) OCD Chorister’s video flip chart for A Child’s Prayer


*I will use the above video for SR Primary. It’s too long for JR Primary.  For JR I will just show OCD Chorister’s Video (below).


OCD Chorister’s Video Flipchart for A Child’s Prayer:

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