Video: DIY marshmallow shooter

By Cathy Woodward
Cathy Woodward:
#Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot. Here is a link to DIY marshmallow shooters using a plastic cup and a balloon: Super easy to make! I ask questions based on the lesson or SMs and the students receive one mini marshmallow for each correct answer. They can then shoot at paper or pompom turkeys. They love this and don’t even mind picking up the marshmallows afterward.
I am thankful for the great ideas all of you so generously share.
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Youtube video:

Kathy Rinehart Arnold: Great idea. Think I’ll do this tomorrow. (4 hours ago)

Julia Winters Geissinger: This is perfect for Wednesday! (3 hours ago)

Elsie Velasco Davis: Thank you! This is a perfect and inexpensive way to keep them awake and alert if they want to earn a marshmallow! (3 hours ago)

Kelly Davider: What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing! We usually do the SM activity first,I think I’ll so this one LAST! ;) How fun! (2 hours ago)

Nicole Gardner Grover: Thanks for sharing!! (1 hour ago)

Linette Teerlink: Totally going to use this for a December SM game! Thanks! (59 minutes ago)

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