Valentine’s Day

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Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Hot Heart
Play “hot potato” with a heart to determine who comes up.  I found mine in the Target dollar section.

The Loving Tree
Make conversation heart ornaments out of construction paper & hang them on a tree (I use a small tree I have for Christmas).  Each conversation heart has a key word for a song on it.  Have the child choose a heart & guess which song it is.  Possible saying/song combinations are:

4 Ever:  Families Can be Together Forever
U-R-A Star:  I am Like a Star
SHHHHH:  The Chapel Doors
Be True:  Stand for the Right
Shine:  Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
Marry Me:  I Love to See the Temple
Teach Me:  Teach me to Walk in the Light
I Love You:  Love One Another, Jesus Said Love Everyone
I Hope:  I Hope They Call me on a Mission
#1:   Latter Day Prophets
I Will Follow:  I Will Follow God’s Plan
Be Wise:  The Wise Man & the Foolish Man
Be Safe:  Any song about the Holy Ghost
Call Me:  Any song about prayer
Special:  I Am a Child of God
I’ll Try:  I’m Trying to be Like Jesus
Be Happy:  Choose the Right Way, If You’re Happy
Be Kind:  Kindness Begins with Me
Believe:  The Church of Jesus Christ, I Know my Father Lives

The possibilities are endless.  Have fun!

Box of Chocolates
Who doesn’t love chocolate???  This activity is super fun & always a hit.  Just be sure to have a candy alternative for those kiddos who are allergic to chocolate &/or nuts.

Buy a box of chocolates & write numbers on the container underneath the chocolates.  Assign a song to each number.  Have a child come up & pick a piece of chocolate.  Sing the song that corresponds.

Valentine’s Mailbox
I found my mailbox in the Valentine’s section at Target but I’ve also seen them at Michael’s.  Make valentine’s cards & write songs for practice on them.  Have a child come up & take a valentine out of the mailbox.  Sing the song.  Super simple!

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