Using home study manual and pre-assignments with D&C 38

By Debbie D. Duran

Debbie D. Duran


I taught #DandC38:1-16 today, and I thought it came together nicely. I assigned the class the day before (and emailed parents) to read the section and choose a phrase, verse or verses that speak to them spiritually and be prepared to share that with the class. When they arrived I noted which verses those who prepared had to call upon while teaching. I pretty much followed the HOME STUDY manual…using only the verses through 16.(it covers the entire section) it is less wordy to me and gets to the point…and has great questions. We had a great discussion Then I concluded by reading the first verses of Alma 49:1-9 (instead of reading the…”theys” and “theirs” I clarified with- they, the Lamanites or their, the Nephites etc…. so they could see that the Lamanites had now dressed themselves in armor….(referred this to the enemy combined in D&C 38:12) and that when the Nephites prepared themselves and followed the commandments of the Lord through Moroni they were able to prepare in a “manner which never had been known among the children of Lehi.” Then I testified that just as the Lord warned and kept the Nephites from danger, and the early Saints who will obey the commandment to move from New York to Ohio…He WILL warn us and protect us from the dangers and forces of evil that ARE combining against us today…. I LOVE bringing in the Book of Mormon to help connect it with what they are learning in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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