Twenty Seven Days And Questions

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Summer is fading away…Days like this are numbered.Seminary starts in 27 days!Part of me is prepared and part of me would like another month (and then another month)As a teacher, what is the most helpful summer preparation?What do you still want to accomplish before Seminary starts?Are your students working on Scripture Mastery over the summer?Over half of mine are.

Have you registered your students?How do you handle registration and orientation?Do you include the parents?If so, when and how?
I have Parent-Student orientation on Sunday, August 11.It will take place right after Sunday meetings.I will serve muffins and juice as I know everyone is ready to go home.Most of my students are registered. Final registration will take place at the Orientation meeting.
The numbers for my class are larger than anticipated.Last year, the Bishops told me that the number of students is always high at first and students drop out during the year, that did not happen. I had a large number on the first and last day of class. What is your “ideal” class size? At what number do you divide the class?
Share your thoughts and more in the comment section.I learn so much from other Seminary teachers.

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