Trouble with memorizing Joseph Smith History 1

By Paula Wood Malmfeldt

I looking for advice with regards to memorizing JSH 1:15-20. I was bold in my decision to have our class conquer all 5 verses, but I’m now enjoying the taste of humble pie as we are struggling through verse 16. I don’t want to give up, but it is a challenge. Ideas?
I have a young man in my class who can say it using the first letter cheat. he’s amazing! the others won’t even attempt it. :)
I have a young man who passed it off the first week of seminary word for word without missing a beat! Sounded like he was reading it. I was amazed as I followed along in my scriptures! He said he just did it by repetition and that it is no different than a few SM put together! I asked him to share a piece of it the other day in our discussion and off he went again reciting just two verses of it no problem!
Two weeks ago, a girl in my class said the whole thing word perfect. The youth are amazing! I purchased each student’s favorite candy bar8 king size and wrapped a ribbon around it with their name on it. When they complete the six verses, they receive their prize. So far 6 out of 12 have completed the challenge. If all 12 do it, I bring breakfast!
I love the idea in conference of having the kids record it in their own voice on their phones and listen to it often

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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