Tips for a New Teacher?

By Angie Kent Rennie Angie Kent Rennie:
Hello! I was just called as a release-time seminary teacher last week & I’m up to my eyeballs in QUESTIONS! ;) But my biggest question is this – what do know/do now that you wish you had known/done in the beginning? I’m stepping into a situation where I need to basically start class rules/expectations over & can do whatever I want. Thanks!!
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Shelice Murphy: I’m a new early morning teacher this year. Here is what I did right and I’m so grateful (but I can’t take credit…I just followed the spirit and guidance of local leaders and advice on here). 1. Got to know the student individually, let them get to know me, set clear expectations and asked for their help. 2. Watched the training for new teachers and followed it. 3. Started simply in all areas. Simple opening each morning, etc. 4. Made feeling and being guided by the spirit a priority in my life. 5. Made them responsible for their learning. No lecturing…yes, sharing, pointing out things, guiding, but we started in August and I don’t think I’ve ever spoken for more than 10 mins continually…probably more like 5. Now that that we are hitting holiday time, day light saving etc I have room to add some new things. I think we’ll start Brigham $ after the Christmas break. I’m going to do an incentive this month to encourage passing off scripture mastery. At first I felt bad we weren’t doing any of the “fun” extras but it’s been a double blessing. I was overwhelmed at first and it would have made me crazy and second now that the year is wearing on and we need a pick me Read More

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