The “war Chapters”

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Alma 43-62 are known as the “War Chapters” in the Book of Mormon.In his book, Righteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon, John Bytheway does a masterful job of sharing the main principles of each chapter. Either for teaching the Book of Mormon or for your personal study, this book is a wonderful resource.

For teachers, the chapters are divided the following way:
1) Captain Moroni vs Zerahemnah: Alma 43-44
2) Captain Moroni vs Amalickiah: Alma 46-51
3) Captain Moroni vs Ammoron: Alma 52-58
4) Captain Moroni vs the king-men in Zarahemla: Alma 51, 59-62

Since my class was behind, this grouping helped me to pace our lessons and make a plan to get back on schedule.

Each chapter in the book expounds on a chapter from Alma 43-62 and gives clarity as to  principles and doctrines to focus on.

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