“The Vision” Helps for D&C 76 & 77

The first document is a glue-in where Philo Dibble (a witness to Joseph and Sidney having the Vision) gives some fascinating context of what he saw from his perspective.
dc_76_gluein.pdfFile Size: 261 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File The next is a color coded glue-in. I like to have my students color code Section 76: the Vision of God and Celestial glory is in Yellow; Terrestrial glory is in Orange, Telestial glory is in Red, and Lucifer and Sons of Perdition are in Gray. This glue-in shows those colors and how the verses are grouped in the Section.
dc_76_glue-in_color.pdfFile Size: 198 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File The third help is a worksheet with different situations like, “Someone is giving a talk or lesson that seems boring” and then the class discusses what a Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial like person would do. Interesting perspectives.
dc_76_comparison.pdfFile Size: 272 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File Last is a group work activity to help them visualize the bizarre images from the Book of Revelation, and then the interpretation given from Joseph’s Q & A session with the Lord.
dc_77_groupwork.pdfFile Size: 7 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File Read More

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