The Student’s Role In Learning And Seminary In My Pocket

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Using The Proper Tools
The first week of class, we discussed the each student’s role as they attend/participate in class, read scriptures, and study the gospel.
The following activity illustrates the importance of using the proper tools of prayer, obedience, an open heart, an open mind, inviting the spirit to our lives,listening to the spirit, an application of the principles taught in the scriptures
When you use the correct tools, you will get the full blessing.
Just having the scriptures (the pudding) is not enough.
We need to open them, pray, invite the spirit, apply the principles, etc.

I asked the class if any one would like to have some pudding. They could even choose…chocolate or vanilla. After the enthusiastic hands went up to volunteer, I chose 3 students to come up front to eat the pudding.
I gave each student a container of pudding that was still sealed tight and told them to go ahead and start eating.
Make sure whatever food item you use is still closed and needs to be opened and eaten with a spoon in order to get it all out of the container.

The obvious was first: They need to open the pudding before they can eat (compare to opening their hearts and minds when they open the scriptures)
Once they were open, I told them to go ahead and eat.
The next observation: They need something to eat with. So I gave them some utensils (tools) that I brought from home and told them to go ahead and eat…

Of course I gave them utensils (tools) that were larger than the opening of the pudding cup and were nearly impossible to eat with.
Next I gave them utensils (tools) that were somewhat smaller but still awkward.
Finally, I gave them a small plastic spoon and they were able to eat all of the pudding.

At the end of the lesson, each student received their first
 *Seminary in My Pocket item for the new year…

Yes, plastic spoons (your local ice cream shop may give you a few of their small sample size spoons if you say please and buy a scoop of ice cream in the process)

*Seminary in My Pocket is back by popular demand. I had almost decided to NOT continue with this but how could I not when most of my students brought their pocket filled with items from last year on the first day of class. They were explaining each item to some of the new students. So, yes, it is back, and yes, it must have been effective.

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