The Storm Before The Calm

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Yesterday, I completed the physical preparations for Seminary.
The sorting, organizing, and purging of all papers and supplies.
I emptied out my closet at the Church building and brought it home to join all the Seminary piles at my house
It was one huge mess before it was orderly.
It is difficult for me to feel the spirit amid chaos so this was an important step in preparation.
I have put if off all summer and dreaded this task, yet it brought so much peace and clarity of mind that I should have tackled it at the beginning of the summer.
Here is a photo of the mess during the purging and organization.
The yellow recycling bin is overflowing this morning.
Tomorrow, I will set up my room. We have Stake Conference this weekend so I can set up the Seminary room without worries of it being disturbed.
Here is a similar post on my personal blog: Seminary Mess.

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