The Sacrament Prayer

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As we studied the Sacrament Prayers in Moroni, this was a fun activity:
(Adapt it for learning a Scripture Mastery verse or learning the Articles of Faith)

  • Divided my class into 2 teams
  • In the Cultural Hall, I placed 2 rolling chalk boards at opposite ends of the room- not too close to the walls, but with backs facing each other and far enough away that the teams working on the boards could not easily hear each other.
  • Without notes or scriptures, we left our classroom and entered the Cultural Hall
  • Each team lined up in a straight line, facing their chalkboard.
  • When I said go, one at a time, each team member took a turn going to the board to write, in order, one word at a time from the Sacrament prayer. They could choose the bread or water prayer.
  • For example: First player wrote, “O”, Second player wrote, “God”, Third player wrote, “Eternal” and so forth.
  • They were allowed to coach each other only if the person at the board could not remember. They had to at least try before they got help from a team mate. 
  • It was amazing to see how much they did not remember-even the Priests who recite this prayer every Sunday. It was also amazing to see how much they do remember. Some of them surprised themselves.

This was a great activity. I wish I thought of it earlier and applied it to a Scripture Mastery verse.

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