“the Plan” Life-Size Game: The Roadmap To Return

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-plan-life-size-game.html

  1. Put a game board of colored pieces of paper on the floor – starting at Heaven, leading to Earth, then going back to Heaven.. The pieces will have stuff to read/do on the back.
  2. Invite a child to toll a die. Have the same child, or invite another child to move the playing piece.
  3. Read the tasks on the spaces they land on. (Have the pieces face down so the kids don’t know what to expect.)

START by singing ♫ “I Lived in Heaven”.


  • Birth – ♫ I Am a Child of God
  • Baptism – ♫ I Like to Look For Rainbows
  • Mission – ♫ I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
  • Temple Marriage – ♫ I Love to See the Temple
  • Death – ♫ God Be With You til We Meet Again

OTHER Spaces include:

  • Happy things, such as eating veggies, adding family members
  • Bad things, such as eating too much candy or not being nice.
  • Fill-in-the-blanks of the song ♫ I Will Follow God’s Plan. They earn moving forward however many spaces they can complete.

When setting up the game pieces, half the spaces lead to Earth, half lead back to Heaven. Hopefully it’s somewhat obvious that some spaces need to be planned out so that certain life events happen in life order. You’ll have to figure that out, in person, with your own game board.

When a Team gets to Earth they have to sing the whole song (their team only) and if it’s good enough, they can start the trek back to Heaven.

When the human playing piece gets back to Heaven EVERYONE in the Primary gets a ribbon to take home. I want to print these on cardstock and put them on a string;

I hope this makes sense! I’m tired-typing right now.  :)~

I’ve typed it all up HERE.
*1) Scroll down past the few first pages (1-8) which are this lesson, The Plan
*2)Unfortunately, GoogleDocs reformatted it a bit and some things are in odd places…    :/

1) I have pictures of the actual game I will post later.
2) The game took a little longer than I expected, but all in all, it worked out okay.
3) The kids liked the ribbons at the end and looked so cute proudly wearing them in the hallway after Primary.
4) SR Primary thought is was HILARIOUS when they got TWINS!
5) This was a lot of prep to make the document, put the game board together and the ribbons too. I found myself on Sunday stringing ribbons during Sacrament…..  (probably also had to do with a week consisting of Parent teacher conferences, my daughter breaking both arms, my #1 job being a SAHM, my second side job out of the home, and the late Saturday evening performance I was in with the dance team I joined…)

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