The Nose Knows-Activity-Why Do The Choices I Make Matter?

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In the lesson or topic “Why do my choices matter” it is suggested to discuss with our youth how Satan tries to trick or confuse us

“Invite the young women to think of some things they might do when others challenge their standards. How does Satan try to confuse us about the consequences of our choices? Encourage them to look for truths during this lesson that help them combat Satan’s lies.”

With Satan and his followers busy these days waging a full on war with us it is important for us to learn how to detect evil, to find know the truth.

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The way to detect evil is not by partaking in it.  That would be like checking for Rat poison by tasting it.

Heavenly Father has promised us that evil can always be discerned   We may see it from a distance.  We may smell it from a distance.  We may know it simply from its source.  We have been given a wonderful gift called
Discernment so that we can detect danger from a distance.

When you are out camping or hiking and you come across a wonderful stream and you just need a drink- if it smells funny would you still drink from it?
Probably not.  When you pull out some lunch meat from the fridge and it smells a little funny, do you still eat it?  Probably not.  Why? because our noses are telling us that it is not quite right.  It warns us. Just as our eyes and nose allow us to keep our distance from toxins, we are given a spiritual sense, that if honored will detect evil before it gets into our system.

So Wednesday before our activity we are going to do some smell tests, to see how well our noses work.  We will discuss how this just like our spiritual sense will give us warning.  We will discuss some of Satan’s tricks and lies.
2 Nephi 28:20-22 tells us some of his tricks- He will rage in the hearts and stir them up to anger against that which is good.  Others he will pacify and give them a false security.  He will flatter some away and say “there is no hell and no devil”

I am really excited to do this- I will post some pictures next week of our smell tests- I think this will help the youth to understand a little better of their spiritual sense so they can make choices that will not harm them physically and spiritually.  I am very excited.

We ended up not doing this during our activity but during a Sunday lesson
Check it out here

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