The Great Apostasy Glue-In

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apostasy_glue_in.pdfFile Size: 101 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File weeks_roll_with_reading.docFile Size: 92 kbFile Type: docDownload File Picture The 3rd lesson in the D&C teaching manual is about the Great Apostasy.  This glue-in (click on the image) is three of my favorite quotes that support the obvious need there was in the world for a Restoration of the Gospel. The quotes are from three very notable individuals:  Martin Luther, Roger Williams, and Thomas Jefferson.

I have also changed the Weekly Attendance Word document. Once you have your class list, simply open the Word document and type in your students’ names.  Then each week print a new one off.  Teachers usually just put this sheet by the door and student’s write the time they arrived in the one spot, and if they read (including the weekends) in the other spot.  That way, at the end of the week you can easily enter your attendance in WISE. It also helps you to be encouraging students. The sheet also keeps track of how students are doing with daily scripture study. 

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