The Book Of Mormon Testifies Of Jesus Christ

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We are off to a great Seminary year!
Studying the Book of Mormon-Another Testament of Jesus Christ brings a power to my life like nothing else does. I know the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and I want my students to know the same for themselves.
I asked my students to guess how many times Jesus Christ is mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
This was an interesting activity for those who like numbers and statistics. It also helps those who need concrete facts in front of them.
I used the following links to answer that question:
Jocelyn Christiansen shared a beautiful message HERE at her blog, BeingLDS and she linked to this wonderful  article by Susan Easton Black, a BYU Professor of Religion.
I am so grateful to be teaching at a time in history where information is readily available. Thank you for sharing, Jocelyn and Sister Black.

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