The 6 Be’s

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TELL the kids that Gordon B Hinckley gave a talk with counsel to help us all be better, happier people.

  1. Write 6 “Be’s” down a column on the board.
  2. Invite a child to choose a wordstrip.
  3. Ask the Primary how they can act like that word. (IE; “Grateful. How can you be grateful?”).
  4. Tape it up on the board next to a “Be”.
  5. Sing the song on the back.
  6. Repeat.

The Be’s are:

  • Be grateful. (I Am Glad For Many Things 151)
  • Be smart. (Choose the Right Way 160, Hum Your Favorite Hymn 152)
  • Be clean. (When I Am Baptized 103, The Word of Wisdom 154)
  • Be true. (Friends are Fun 262, I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus 78, Kindness Begins With Me 245)
  • Be humble. (I’m Thankful to Be Me 11, almost any gratitude song in the CSB)
  • Be prayerful. (A Child’s Prayer 12, Pray in Faith 14)

WRAP UP by paraphrasing what was said at the beginning and testifying that we can all try to BE our best every day with Gordon B. Hinkley’s six Be’s.
*(To make it THANKSGIVING THEMED, display the words on turkey feathers that the kids pick off of a turkey (then you stick on the board). At the end tell the kids that the six Be’s help us to be more thankful every day.)*(To make it SPRING/SUMMER THEMED, make the wordstrips black and yellow striped to look like bees! Or actual cute bee shapes.)

  • chalk / eraser
  • 6 wordstrips
  • tape

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