The 25 Days Of Christ

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Would you like to start a new tradition this year that puts Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations?Then you will love ‘The 25 Days of Christ‘. Gather your family each night in December to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as you countdown to Christmas. Children of all ages will love and remember these scripture stories as they place a symbolic ornament on your tree after each night’s reading. You will build lasting memories as you fill your home with the true meaning of Christmas. What better gift can you give your children and extended family this Christmas season?

The 25 Days of Christ project is part of the New Tradition Crafts company. New Tradition Craft company is a family owned business operated by the Oliver family. A few years ago Kati Oliver realized that she wanted Christmas to be more than ‘getting’.  She wanted it to be about traditions, giving, and most importantly she wanted it to be about Christ.
Here is how it all started: “In my moment of quiet pondering the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD began singing “This is the Christ”. In that instant I knew that I had my answer, I needed to create a Christ centered Christmas. I knew we needed a tradition that would focus on the life of Christ throughout the whole month. A simple yet meaningful daily reminder of why we celebrate this holiday.”
The holiday season is quickly approaching, you may be thinking of new traditions or thinking of ways to center your Christmas around Christ. If you are searching for an idea then take a look at“The 25 Daysof Christ.”
When you purchase your very own ’25 Days of Christ’ you will receive:·         Simple materials, instructions and examples to assemble 25 ornaments that correspond with the daily readings. ·         The 25 Days of Christ book full of ideas and references for presenting each story from the life of Christ ·         A gift box for your family to open as you present each ornament ·         A sturdy box for storing completed ornament, book and gift box so you can enjoy this tradition for years to come.
I got my very own ’25 Days of Christ’ last year and absolutely love it. I am looking forward to using my kit again this year to help my children focus on Christ during the Christmas season.
Visit The 25 Days of Christmas to order your very own kit or to read more about it.
And Right now the ’25 Days of Christ’kits are on sale for $29.00.
Or get a few friends to order with you and save by ordering a 5-pack Ornament Kit. Then get together for a Girls Night In and put your kits together.
Visit’The 25 Days of Christ website Here & order your kit today.
Thank you Kati for this wonderful tradition, and for sharing with everyone.sheena

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