Testimonies are Recorded

By Rachel Murphy Rachel Murphy:
Today’s lesson was #dandc60 and #dandc62. There was a lot to choose from but I felt impressed to focus on two specific scriptures from those sections about testimonies. DandC 60:2-3 and then DandC 62:3. 62:3 talks about our testimonies being recorded by angels in heaven. I had the students go into the gym and pick up a book in the circle and hold it. I had all shapes and sizes of books in the circle. Somewhere pamphlets and somewhere huge volumes of past Ensigns. Then I asked them to imagine that they were at the end of their life. They died and then they were now in the spirit world. I told them to Imagine that the Savior walks up to them and hands them a book. Then they learn that what is inside the book are all of the testimonies that they had ever born on the earth. Then I told them to look at the book that they had in their hand and imagine what kind of life they might have lived if that had been the book that they were handed. Then we had a great discussion about testimonies and how often we should bear them and we had a table talk discussion with loads of good discussion questions and then went over the questions in class. We concluded our class with several of the students coming up to bear their testimonies. They were so incredibly powerful and the spirit was really there today. Not many things beat a good class filled with the spirit.
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