Teaching The Song: I Often Go Walking

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/04/teaching-song-i-often-go-walking.html

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  1. Make wordstrips for the song – each phrase a different color
  2. Tape the colored worrdstrips on the board
  3. Make a bouqet of flowers (on popcicle sticks)
  4. Pass out a colored flower to each Teacher
  5. Teachers hold up and lower flowers as we sing – Classes sing only the color of their flower, and only when their Teacher is holding their flower up.
  6. When you’re done singing have the Teachers switch flowers, then sing again!
  7. Keep switching flowers and singing :)


  • Lyric phrase wordstrips on colored paper
  • Flowers on popcicle sticks (that coordinate with the same colors as the wordstrips)

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