Teacher To Teacher Question?????

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Dear Fellow Seminary Teachers (past and present),

This was my first year teaching early morning Seminary. I started teaching in October and my students did not have class journals. I did not attempt to add that to our routine, but would like to include student journals as part of our every day lessons and class work next year.

What works best for student journals?
What type and size?
Do you use a composition book? a 3-ring binder?
What do you use journals for the most?
What do you have students place in their journals?

I am thinking whatever we use needs to meet the following requirements:
1) Each student has the same size/type of journal
2) Needs to be the size of a standard sheet of notebook or printer paper
3) Should be conducive to gluing in handouts as well as adding pages with 3 hole-punches
4) Needs to last the entire school year.
5) Would be nice to have lined and un-lined pages.
6) The completed journal, ideally, should be a “road map” that documents our year and becomes a keepsake.

I am sure I am missing some items., please add to my list and tell me why you chose the type of student journals you have.

I am not certain how many readers will see this. According to my statistics, There are a lot of readers who stop by here daily. Please share your expertise!

Thank you for any input!

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