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Someone asked me for my “Seminary Casserole” recipe, which reminded me of a question I would like to ask other teachers. This mostly applies to the early morning teachers, but I would like to hear any input out there.
How often to you serve food in Seminary-not the object lesson type food, but a treat or breakfast-y food?
What types of food do you serve?
Do the parents help?
Do the students take turns bringing a treat?
Does your ward help with budget money to reimburse?

We generally have a treat on Fridays after our activity or game, but I don’t like the kids to just expect that we will always play a game and have a treat that day so I have been mixing it up.

Our treats are simple, like donut holes, juice, muffins, granola bars, milk, etc. Sometimes we have milk and cereal when there is a good BOGO sale on cereal. It just depends. Twice a year (Christmas and Graduation) we have a sit down warm breakfast and serve Seminary Casserole (or something similar)

My kids love having a once per week breakfast-type treat. I would just like to hear how it works or not in other areas.
Happy Teaching!

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