Teach Me To Walk In The Light: Who’s Shoes?

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/04/teach-me-to-walk-in-light-whos-shoes.html


  1. Invite a child to pick a shoe from a bag.
  2. Ask: Who might wear these shoes? How do they help you walk in the light?
  3. Sing a verse
  4. Repeat


  • Various shoes in a bag

SHOE EXAMPLES:heels = Mothermen’s running shoes = Fatherchild shoes #1 = we can learn from our friends, and also be examples to our friendschild shoes #2 = siblings (same explanation as friends)slippers = we need to remember to walk in the light at all times – even at nighta pair of men’s church shoes = the Prophetadult church shoes – our Teachers and Leaders

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