Talent show

By Stefani Lindsey Meyer Stefani Lindsey Meyer:
#DandC55 We had a talent show today. I contacted each of the kids last night (individually). They did not know I was contacting anyone else. I asked them each to share a specific talent (if I didn’t know what to ask about, I contacted their moms first). I had all kinds of responses. Several declined, a few willingly took the challenge, and a few said they would do it and then forgot. I was hoping they would all participate but it actually worked out well, with all the different responses. We talked about what it would be like if W.W. Phelps decided his talents weren’t good enough or he was too shy or embarrassed about them. We talked about if he was a super talented man (I’m pretty sure he was) or if maybe just the fact that he was willing to share his talents made him extraordinary. We also had a good discussion about not having to be the BEST but to just magnify what you have been given. We had all kinds of participation. The kids are really diverse in their talents. We had several piano players, and artists, and a baker, we also had a unicycle rider/juggler, the maker of a flame thrower (don’t worry it wasn’t an actual demonstration) and a ukulele player. The clincher for me was deciding that I should participate with them. As I issued myself the challenge, I suddenly became aware of their apprehension. I was nervous and scared and worried about rejection or not doing well. I recited a poem and practiced and practiced last night, it was far from perfect. I did it anyway. The kids loved it despite my imperfections. We had a good discussion about that too. I loved the kids reaction to everyone who Read More

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