It is not met that one should be commanded in all things.

By Patricia Crockett DuBray
Patricia Crockett DuBray:
It is not met that one should be commanded in all things. Conversation cards handed out to discuss (a few given to teams of 2, some given to individuals) and then present the following:
*When I pray I feel empty inside. What can I do so that my prayers are heard?
*My friend lost a close friend recently. How can I help my friend deal with the grief?
*My family looks differently than the traditional LDS familyl. How do I fit in with the church? Is there a place for me?
*My friend is dating before 16 but keeping it a secret. What should I do?
*How do I develop my talents without showing off?
*Sometimes I feel bored at church. How can I enjoy attending church more?
*My friends text me at church. I am trying to participate but the phone is tempting. What can I do?
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