Super Small Class Ideas for D&C 29

By Sarah Bouse

I am struggling with how to teach lesson 36 the second part of #DandC29 any suggestions?? Thank you in advance, I only have 2 students which is actually difficult at times
I have only 2 students also…one being my daughter. It does create its own problems
The home study lesson has some diagrams the regular lesson manual didn’t have. I used the diagrams but cut out white paper doll chains, one for pre-earth life (spirits), one for mortality (had a student draw faces on them so they looked like bodies) and one for God’s presence after death. Got the idea to rip off a few for the spirits who were cast out in the pre-existence, and also for after judgement. Tried to use the video Continue in Patience, but it didn’t download correctly. Don’t know if that helps. I have struggled with the last few lessons, but then I’ve also struggled to keep my eyes open past seven pm this week, after working all day and taking my son to practice and studying until he’s ready to leave… I also served cereal this morning and first put out only one box of boring cereal. Talked about agency and choice and then brought out more choices of “fun” cereal.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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