Sunbeam Eggs

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This activity is meant to help encourage new Sunbeams to stay in their seats.  You may wish to coordinate with your Primary President or Sunbeams Teacher to extend the activity beyond sharing time.
First, print the egg document below.  Cut out an egg for each child.  I strongly suggest laminating the eggs.  Adhere an egg to the seat of each Sunbeam’s chair with velcro, tape or stick tack.  
Next, open the bird document.  These are the same pictures as those in the Songbird Practice Activity, but smaller.  Choose the type of bird you would like to use for the week and print one for each child.  Cut it out and keep it hidden.  If you are super crafty, you can print the birds on white labels and cut them out to create stickers.  

Explain to the children that you need their help keeping the eggs warm.  Tell them that if they keep their bottoms on their eggs through the entire Singing Time (or Sharing Time), the egg will hatch and grow into a bird.  At the end of Primary, allow the children who hatched their eggs to trade the egg in for a picture of a bird.  The children will be excited to find out what kind of bird they hatch each week!   

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