Stump The Panel

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It seems as if every year I ignore the front of the scripture mastery cards. I am so worried about having the students memorize the scripture mastery scriptures that I have lost sight of what really matters.  To me, if I can help them learn where to locate answers to questions they may have or a friend might ask, or how to apply it to their lives then I have helped them become successful.

Don’t get me wrong, being able to recall a scripture word for word is an impressive skill. But teaching how to find an answer in the scriptures, will be helpful their whole life.

Everyday, at the end of class, we play “Stump the Panel”
I randomly choose one of the students to pick a scripture mastery card, then decide if they want to read the Historical setting, Doctrinal teaching, Missionary application or Personal Application to the class. The class then needs to think about what was read, remember what we have learned about that particular scripture and find the correct scripture mastery.

The kids love it when they can stump the class! Last week, one of the YM stumped us all. NO ONE could figure it out. He was quite pleased with himself and we became determined to never let that happen again!

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