“Study Buddies”

Perhaps no other thing you do as a seminary teacher will have a greater lasting impact, than getting your students in a habit of daily scripture study. Our Church S&I Administrator, Chad Webb recently expressed his concern that the greatest barrier to youth graduating from Seminary this year, might be reading the scripture text for the year. Do you know how your students are doing with this? Find out and encourage them. So many students have not gotten into a habit of daily scripture study. The following might help.

As the poster and handout suggest, “Study Buddies” is “How to Never Miss Another Day of Scripture Study” again.
How it works is simple:

  1. Get in a group of 2 or more.
  2. Read in the scriptures each day.
  3. Then you message WHAT your FAVORITE PART was to the group.
  4. Feel free to kindly tease those who miss.
  5. Text, FB, Email, it doesn’t matter.

The 8 by 11 poster is just a reminder to put up. The other smaller handout helps you organize it with your seminary class.

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Source:: NW Seminary Share – John Bushman

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