When students go berserk

By Ricki Martin

Ricki Martin


I am learning to appreciate what I call “3 ring circus days” when everything goes wrong and the kids seem to be jumping off the walls! Today was one of those days for me! Last year it would’ve sent me home in tears but today I didn’t let it phase me. I was able to tell them I love them and know that tomorrow we can try again! I even had my student ask in the closing prayer for the class to be blessed that they would be better behaved at school than they were at seminary today (that made me laugh)

So teachers don’t get discouraged on days when things don’t go right, the kids are still making a sacrifice to be in class. Helping them know that they are loved by you and their heavenly father is best on these kinds of days! Tomorrow we will try again!

Deanne Caldwell Ririe


Thank-you for your encouraging words:D

Cheryl Carlson


So true!!! We all have those days

Mercedes Stevens Higgins



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