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Picture It is so important to start the year off right.  Most weeks I only post one thing so as not to overload. But since school is starting soon for many of you, here are 6 things to start the year off right. At the link here (click on the picture) you will find items I have posted previously to help teachers with the beginning of the year. I think you will find these very useful. I now have a place for all these items on my website; under the “Seminary Resources” is a drop down for “Start of the Year Stuff” and “Scripture Study Skills”
There you will find:

1.  Creating the Ideal Seminary Class: The first day of class, I like to have a lesson that gets them excited for studying that book of scripture that year AND how we can have the Ideal Seminary class this year. This also has three important graphics like “The One Rule”.
2.  Weekly Attendance / Reading Sheet: This is a Word document where you can put your students names down and as they come into class, they mark their own reading and time they arrived to keep track of things for you. 
3.   On The Spot: This is an example of a devotional chart you can use and explains “On The Spot” which has a student, at the end of class each day, share the main message they got from class that day.
4.   Seminary Class Presidencies: This is how to set them up and train them with this outline of responsibilities. 
5.  FEAST for Great Scriptural Thoughts: This trains your class how to give great scriptural thoughts and a handout as you train them. 
6.  Seminary Spotlights: This is something my classes have loved to do every Friday.

Naturally, there is a good explanation on all of these things on the website.  Just click on the image to go there on the website. 

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