{Sponsor Spotlight} Making Precious Things Plain: Your Ultimate Gospel Learning Resource

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We have a new sponsor this month on Little LDS Ideas.You may remember this sponsor from a giveaway that was held a month or so ago…But if you are new to Little LDS Ideas then I would like to introduce you toMaking Precious Things Plain

Making Precious Things Plain is a Gospel study resource website that includes lesson plans, handouts, Power Points, audio downloads, e-books, and a 12-book-series called Making Precious Things Plain, written by author Randal S. Chase, PhD. There are 3 study guide books dedicated to each of the standard works:Book of MormonDoctrine and CovenantsOld Testamentand New Testament

 Dr. Randal S. Chase, a veteran CES and Institute instructor, provides insights into the background, meaning, and chronology of the scriptures in a relaxed and understandable style. The stories, quotes, examples, maps and illustrations are unequaled in any other reference guide of its kind in print today. Readers will find their information, clarifications, and quotes valuable assets in their personal study.

 If you’re in need of a great study guide then you should really take a look at Making Precious Things Plain.
You can also find separate Gospel Doctrine pages for anything you would like to study that include articles and posts that have to do with each lesson.  You can subscribe to weekly or daily articles, and you can follow along with the current Gospel Doctrine classes.
Sunday School Lesson PlansI have started sharing the weekly lesson plans from Making Precious Things Plain on Little LDS Ideas, found HERE.Just click on ‘Other Ideas’ up at the top of my page and then click on ‘Sunday School Lesson Ideas’.You’ll be taken to my Sunday School page where you can find Brother Chase’s great lesson plans and handouts.
This week’s Gospel Doctrine lesson is:Lesson #17: Laws of Tithing and the Fast (D&C 119–120; Isaiah 58; Malachi 3; 3 Nephi 24; Matthew 6){Click Here to view this week’s Sunday School Lesson}
And on the Making Precious Things Plain blog you can find a free handout to go along with each lesson.Here is part of this week’s handout.This week there are 2 handouts.There is a 4 page handout with quotes about TithingandThere is a 3 page handout available with quotes about Fasting.Each of these handouts can be found here!
Be sure to visit Making Precious Things Plain each week to view the weekly lesson plan and handout. They’re great!
I hope you enjoyed my little ‘Sponsor Spotlight’ today.I would love it if you took a minute to go visit Making Precious Things Plain & take a look around.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!sheena

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