{Sponsor Spotlight}: Lds-Youth: A Website Dedicated To Bringing Creative & Uplifting Activities To Lds Youth

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We have a new sponsor this month that I would like all of you to meet.Some of you may remember a giveaway from this particular sponsor a few months ago.But for those of you new to my blog, I would like to introduce you toLDS-Youth.com

Genevie Doyle is the amazing woman behind LDS-Youth.com. Genevie has previously served in the youth program for over 7 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Here is what she says, “On this website I share many of the activities, firesides, and dances we have done in our ward when I served in the youth program. I have also put together e-book activities that are completely new, creative and enriching activities that come complete with full activity, recipes, flyers, etc.I hope you enjoy the website and find the activities helpful in your planning.” 
So what is LDS-Youth?LDS-Youth focuses on Young Women’s activities, combined activities, service projects, and firesides.  Their products include LDS Youth Activity E-books. 

So what’s an E-Book?An E-Book is an electronic file (in PDF format) that can be downloaded to your computer and printed out.These E-Books include a complete activity plan, with flyers, recipes, crafts, games, and lesson outlines to ensure a successful and enriching activity. LDS-Youth has E-Books for both YM/YW combined activities as well as Young Women’s combined activities.  These ideas are new and unique and have never been done before. 
There is also a ‘Post and Share’ page where you can share your own LDS youth activities!
So let’s show my wonderful sponsor some love and go take a look around LDS-Youth.com.

Have a wonderful day!sheena

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